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Give a touch of elegance and luxury to your home…

Nostralux is your one-stop-shop for modern/retro lighting, wall lamps and pendants. You couldn’t ask for a better interior design source than us. With our high-quality and exquisite-design products, you can set your home & commercial spaces apart from others. Not only that, but our infrastructure allows us to deliver goods to you at affordable pricing. How do we do that? You ask…

We exclusively manufacture and retail our products directly to you. Meaning, we do not have any wholesalers or distributors for our brand. This in turn allows us to pass on the cost-savings to you, So don’t settle for less, instead, go for our elegant lighting solutions today!

Nostralux is a curation of lighting styles that inspire us.  We love trendy lighting. From new age, industrial and nostalgic Edison loft style lighting to shabby chic to sleek minimalist modern styles. 

We're a small UK based team, and we run a workshop located on the outskirts of Hong Kong. Check out the video of our facilities below!

We place the highest standards on all our products when it comes to quality, uniqueness, practicality and creativity. We also partner up with some of the biggest shipping companies in the world to help us deliver our products worldwide quickly and efficiently. 

We're passionate about helping others and we value each and every customer. We'll answer all the questions you have. Feel free to get in touch!

We also handle larger quantity orders, if you need something in bulk, with your own personal branding or something unique you'd like to us to help you manufacture feel free to send us an enquiry.

How we got our name? We started out by selling on various online marketplaces and now we decided to open our first e-commerce store. We dedicated the name to our first online sale - a lamp we had designed! Nostra meaning Our & Lux meaning Lights. That's how we became 'Nostralux'. 

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